The Memories & Nostalgia Collection






Tools to help build your family history.

File Downloads

Feel free to use these forms to document your research and also to send to relatives and friends to assist in compiling information about your  family history and genealogy.

You can download several pre-printed  documents to help you index and catalog your memorabilia :


You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. If you do not already have this on your computer, you can download a free copy from here

Once you have opened any of the above documents, you can save it to your computer for future use by clicking on the disk icon or by selecting "File" and then "save As" and selecting a place on your PC.

Building your Family History

If you would like to send a copy of any of the documents to a relative or friend to help you collect information, click the email icon or select "File" then "Send Mail". This will open up an email with the file as an attachment. Just enter the email address of your desired recipient and click "send".

We highly recommend that you should print these sheets on "Acid Free" paper as they will then last for many more years.

Plain Acid Free Paper  (to ISO 9706) in A4 size is available from our online store


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