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Preservation Guidelines

The following preservation tips, combined with the Family History Box will help ensure your precious memories and documents are available for generations to come.

Do's & Don'ts of preservation


  • Don't store anything in direct sunlight or bright light, ideally store in the dark.

  • Don't use self-adhesive photograph albums.

  • Don't use newspaper to wrap documents or line boxes.

  • Don't use ordinary envelopes, files, tissue paper or standard cardboard boxes.

  • Don't use pens or felt tip markers on or near your artifacts.

  • Don't use standard polythene or plastic bags, PVC, plastic envelopes and files. There are some plastics (polyester) which may be

  • used, but you need to be certain what is safe.

  • Don't use frames that have poor quality mountboard or are backed with wood.

  • Never under any circumstances use any standard form of pressure sensitive tape or adhesive tape.

  • Never laminate a photo or document to preserve it. Also never use standard glue.

  • Don't use rubber bands, staples, pins, or metal clips.

  • Don't store in areas high in humidity such as conservatories, near airing cupboards or places where condensation forms or near

  • any heat sources.

  • Don't store anything in damp areas like cellars, sheds or garages.

  • Don't store boxes against external walls as these have high temperature fluctuations.

  • Avoid folding items or excessive handling.

  • Do not overfill box as this will harm the contents and it will be unsafe to handle the weight.

  • Do not allow the box or its contents to get wet.


  • Try and store to as constant temperature as possible such as 13-18˚C and the relative humidity should not exceed 50% for a prolonged period.

  • Keep originals in original and permanent formats.

  • Always handle photographic media gently and with great care to avoid finger marks on images

  • Try to ensure that you store your box in an area or room where air can circulate.

  • Ensure that you store your box in a pest and insect free area.

  • Always us "Archival quality materials" (paper, adhesives, tape or embellishments) for your collection or for the decoration of your pages, box or collection.

  • Remove any dust and mould carefully before storing.

  • If possible use a de-humidifier in humid conditions.

For more in-depth information on the care and conservation of a range of different materials or objects, see the excellent articles at

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