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Archive Storage Boxes

What is included in the Archive Storage Pack?

This pack contains 5 Acid Free * Storage Boxes and much more.

  • Outer box, 450x325x90mm ( G ) Fits A3-size papers. You could store newspapers, a scrapbook or a photo album.
  • Flip-top box, 315x220x85mm ( K ) A4 size box perfect for family letters, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables.
  • Medium box, 290x205x85mm ( B ) For mementoes, keepsakes, cards, tickets from that special trip, home-shot DVDs and so on.
  • Tall box, 165x125x127mm ( A ) The right size for standard photographs, a pair of baby shoes, tapes and other easily-mislaid items.
  • Little boxes, (2) 60x50x23mm ( F ) To prevent small items getting lost and forgotten.
  • Photo box ( H )
  • Conservation Standard , 360 x 260 x 100 ( L ) Folders , Files Documents
  • Envelope ( J )
  • Archive tissue paper ( D )
  • Photo mounts ( C )
  • Box name cards ( E )

Click this link to buy the complete set of Archive Storage Boxes in our online store or you purchase individual boxes of your choice.

* These Archive Storage Boxes meet international standards: ISO 9706: 1994 (Paper for Documents Requirements for Permanence); ISO 14523: 1999 (Photographic Activity Test for enclosure materials) or Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry T509 and T529 (surface pH measurement of paper).


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