The Memories & Nostalgia Collection






Your treasured keepsakes are the icons of your most precious memories.

Red items have previously been selected as 'Entries of the Week' and have received a complimentary Family History Box, plus a donation of £25.00 has been donated in their name toward research into Alzheimer's disease.

  • Birth_and_Babies - Photograph Printed
    "Picture of Joshua, baby born sleeping (still born). Keeps him in my thoughts and reminds me his birthday is as important as my other children."
    C.N - United Kingdom, Bury

  • Death - Book
    "An old dictionary from my grandfather."
    M.S - United Kingdom, Greenwich

  • Death - Other
    "i have a case with all my late fathers belongings in it from his glasses to his photos he died in 1981 i still have a bottle of his aftershave its called tabac not exactly jean paul gautier but it all meens the world to me as its all i have left of him."
    c.b - United Kingdom, st helens

  • Death - Personal
    "I have an eternity ring from my late sister (Anne)which I wear,and I have a silver pendant from my late father that I keep in a box at the side of my bed.These keepsakes are important to me and keep my loved ones in my thoughts always. "
    T.M - United Kingdom, Prestwich

  • Family - Ornamental
    "Carved ivory buddah which stands just three inches tall. Handed down through my father's (deceased) side of the family. This is one of a few tangible items and photogaphs I have to remind me of whole section of the family, many who passed away before I was born and now all departed. "
    A.M - United Kingdom, Bury

  • Family - Other
    "I have two lots of curls from my grandsons first haircuts which i treasure along with other keepsakes of my 'little angels'. Keepsakes such as these are irreplaceble and remind me just how precious my grandchildren are to me and how blessed i am to have them in my life. "
    V.H - United Kingdom, Barnsley

  • Family - Other
    "Signet Ring passed down 3 generations"
    R.S - United Kingdom, Heywood

  • Family - Other
    "Hand made Mug passed down 5 generations"
    R.S - United Kingdom, Heywood

  • Family - Personal
    "One of my most precious keepsakes is my late mothers engagement ring. My mother was my best friend and i feel honoured that i am able to treasure something so special that symbolised the love shared between her and my father. "
    V.H - United Kingdom, Barnsley

  • Family - Personal
    "I keep two lockets which are of so much sentimental value to me as they once belonged to members of my family. The first was from my late mother and has a picture of my first born son Neil inside and the other belonged to my late husbands grandparents who were from Ireland. It's 130 years old - the stories it could tell! "
    J.M - United Kingdom, Donington

  • Family - Personal
    "I have a number of personal items that belonged to my grandparents, including one of my grandfather's shirts. I could never part with them. They remind me of how special my grandparents were to me and the unconditional love and warmth they felt towards me."
    S.K - United Kingdom, Hertfordshire

  • Family - Personal
    "Grandmothers wedding ring"
    L.S - United Kingdom, Heywood

  • Family - Photograph Printed
    "a Photograph of my grandparents when they were young and a love letter sent from my grandad to my grandma during the war. My grandad died 2 years ago and my grandmother suffers with Alzheimers and these 2 items make me think of when they were my age and what they did and how they were in love and the stress they went through being apart during the war. this is just one of my most important keepsakes, most of them are photographs or letters to do with friends and family and people who have passed on. i find it hard to throw things away and it gets harder to keep them safe."
    A.J - United Kingdom, Bury

  • Family - Photograph Printed
    "photographs of family,some members of which are no longer with us."
    B.M - United Kingdom, BURY

  • Family - Photograph Printed
    "photograph album given to me by an auntie, its holds so many pictures of my sisters and I and how we spent idyllic afternoons in the our grandmothers garden playing games, also lots of christmas pictures with my parents and grandparents, how simple life was and how family is so important."
    M.W - United Kingdom, Liverpool

  • Friends - Photograph Printed
    "Martyn was a five year old boy who suffered from brain damage. I spent one year helping him and the family. I learnt more in one year with them than in a lifetime.Every time i look at his photo i thank him for teaching me so much."
    l.m - United Kingdom, spalding

  • Happiness - Photograph Digital
    "its nice to look back on the years and see where you've come from and how you've change ,friends family and places "
    a.f - United Kingdom, longton

  • Holiday_and_Travel - Document
    "My old British Passport brings back happy memories of travelling, many years ago in my youth. Not only is it an old-fashioned black passport, instead of the modern burgundy ones, it also contains lots of stamps for all the different countries I visited. I can't help being disappointed nowadays when I visit European countries but don't get a stamp in my passport on the way in! "
    D.P - United Kingdom, Bury

  • Holiday_and_Travel - Home Movie Digital
    "I have several digital videos of my children and ex partner on holiday before we split. They always make me smile and it amazes me how much they have grown everytime i watch them."
    D.H - United Kingdom, Chippenham

  • Holiday_and_Travel - Other
    "I walk. This is not just about exercise and appreciating landscape. It's about being in touch with the seasons, coping with all weathers, but most of all it is a social experience. I still remember long walks that I did 30 years ago, like the Pennine Way and the Dales Way just as vividly as more recent explorations in the White Mountains on Crete or the GR20 in Corsica. These memories are of people - companions and others met along the way, places - some delightful and some dire and events - a meal, a sunset or losing the path. Photographs and few old and battered maps are the main tangible records."
    K.A - United Kingdom, Oldham

  • Live events - Other
    "I use an old shoe box to keep all my special things in. I have pictures and cards that my 2 gorgeous nephews have done for me during their years of growing up. I have photos of my lovely bunnies that have have passed away . Also cards from my partner Andrew. I also have objects from my childhood like the band that I had on my wrist when I was born. I also keep in there special photos of my parents and grand parents that are sadly no longer with us. All these things are very special to me. "
    L.B - United Kingdom, Bolton

  • Love - Other
    "I have the cork from a bottle of champagne with a coin in it that reminds me when I got engaged to my now wife."
    N.W - United Kingdom, Broad Green

  • Marriage - Handycraft
    "I have kept one of everything from my wedding in a box in my loft, along with my dress"
    K.Q - United Kingdom, Newton le Willows

  • Other - Textile Needlework
    "Pink Floyd - The Wall - concert T Shirt. First time I went to a Pink Floyd conert."
    A.M - United Kingdom, Bury

  • Pets - Photograph Printed
    "I have a picture of my pet bunny 'Snowy' who passed away a couple of years ago. He was just like one of the family with a lovely nature and a mischeivous personality. Although i have other rabbits now Snowy will always hold a special place in our memories. "
    L.A - United Kingdom, Bolton

  • Sadness - Photograph Printed
    "As early as 1951 we were regularly told to “smile for the camera”. My Dad loved taking photographs and showing them off to anyone who wanted to look – and plenty that didn’t. When I had my three wonderful children it was natural that I would continue this tradition, preserving the family memories through the alchemy of photo processing. There were photos of my daughter a couple of days old, the boys only a few short hours old and my lovely brood at the various important stages of their lives. I was meticulous at putting the best pictures in albums, adding mementos like tickets, pressed flowers, a child’s drawing and occasional journaling to prompt the memories. Then we moved to a house that needed some improvement. We stored our boxes in the garage; it seemed like a good idea at the time. It rained a great deal that winter. When we brought our boxes out of storage I discovered that the garage roof hadn’t been watertight. I cried for days when I saw those precious photographs ruined, the pages of the albums welded together from the rain. Photographs and negatives unrecognisable, my precious memories of my lovely children ruined for ever. "
    G.B - United Kingdom, Worksop

  • War - Medals
    "I have medals, badges and photos from serving in the National Service in the Malayan emergency along with the loyal regiment and the ghurkas. The pictures remind me of the places i visited and lifelong friends i made along the way.The medals are a more endurable and tangible reminder."
    A.A - United Kingdom, Bolton

  • War - Scrapbook
    "I have preserved all my late fathers photo's,post cards,drawings (some of which are on toilet paper and luggage labels) and his army records, pass out book , medical records, and army uniform issue book received during his time in Burma, India during the 2nd world war in a scrapbook. This has become a very specail family treasure as it includes the photo's and messages sent to my father by his family at home, some of whom are still with us.This scrapbook has also opened up an aray of information and a living insight for my children of how life was for the soldiers during the war through the eyes of my father their grandad, this is especially poinyent as my father passed away when they were still quite young."
    s.s - United Kingdom, Birmingham

  • Work - Photograph Printed
    "I treasure a picture of Bury Odeon. The building of bury cinema holds very happy memories, full of nostalgia of my 30 years employment with Rank. From usherette to management and friends i made along the way."
    J.M - United Kingdom, Donington



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