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The Gift of Heritage

Choosing gifts for your family and loved ones can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating task, finding a gift that has real meaning as well, is even more challenging. So why not choose the gift of heritage for your family members? It is something that all the family can share and be a part of and most importantly, they will treasure it always.

The Family History Box, for the safe storage of your Memories, about you, your History, your Family's History , your stories, your experiences. All safe for Generations .

  1. Boxes to keep your Families memorabilia etc. you may simply keep family pictures or letters or any of the hundred of other items that we all keep at home that tell the story about a part of your life or the lives of the members of our family .You can organise and arrange the contents in a practical manor such as chronologically or by family group. It could include memorabilia or pictures of an entire life or of a single important event or a special theme.
  2. Sheets and Quiz cards for your personal notes ,thoughts and facts . Make notes or talk about your pleasant memories, favourite times, and things you appreciate in your life .Why not pass on to the next generation the gift of your experience ,knowledge with advice about life, faith, raising children, etc. in the sheets provided personal "wisdom" on each page. You can include Family sayings ,traditions that were handed down etc.

Memorabilia and mementoes are really triggers of recall to experiences or events in the past.

In amongst the things that you keep at home are an extraordinary bank of stories. Take an old picture that you have, do you always remember, who is in it, where was it taken, when and why you were all there? An old concert ticket that you may keep , Why was this special?

All of the memorabilia or mementoes etc that you keep, are there as tangible artefacts of an experience that you want to remember.

These items are often amongst your most valuable possessions. It is because you attach such importance to these items that you must preserve them well and share the memories that are attached to these items with you family.

To an individual the things that we keep are representative of the purpose and value of a lifetime.

Limited only by those items that you choose to keep for the next generation, the Family History Box represents the perfect place to showcase and protect all your families precious memories and heirlooms. Everybody does have a history and there are many stories and experiences to share.

The growth and interest in Family History generally has been fuel by our need to understand ourselves better and understand our family circumstances from times gone by. This is also demonstrated in the growth of the hobby of scrapbooking.

You may find this link to the Federation of Family History Society’s web site very useful

The Family History Society

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