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The Memories and Nostalgia Collection has launched a range of acid free storage boxes in time for Christmas to give family history enthusiasts, sentimentalists and keen scrapbookers a way of preserving memories of times gone by

The specially created family history boxes are manufactured using special acid-free board and paper designed to slow the process of decay and create a 'time capsule' that will hold precious memorabilia to pass from generation to generation. They make an ideal gift for any special occasion - presented empty or even pre-filled with priceless family history as a real 'This is Your Life'.

Interest in researching and preserving family history is an international phenomenon with one in four US households, gathering family memories, photographs and materials from garments worn on significant occasions. In the UK, the interest in family history is by no means scrappy, last month a leading UK retailer attributed its bounce back into profit directly to the scrapbooking boom.

The archive-packaging experts behind the nostalgia collection, Waterman's, have been making specialist-packaging and materials since 1897 and have served leading museums, record keepers and archivists for decades. Due to the increasing demand for home record storage, and the desire to keep and collect, they have now developed a fully tested, new range to fit domestic needs and budgets.

Director of The Memories and Nostalgia Collection, David Waterman explains the importance of the storage boxes, "Family history is a huge part of every day life and the importance of keeping a record of marriages, births, family health and history is becoming much more prevalent. Virtually everyone keeps papers and family mementos but stores them in ways that guarantee they will deteriorate. Old shoes boxes, plastic bags, drawers and keepsake boxes are acidic - and that rots paper and fabric. Our new Family History and Keepsake collection box was created to give peace of mind that treasured items will remain safe from deterioration. The feedback we have had since the launch of the new collection has been phenomenal."

The Family History Box kit, is far more flexible than a traditional scrapbook as it contains five useful box sizes, record sheets and practical solutions for the most commonly kept items found in many households. It costs from 29.99 including postage and packing and can be purchase online from

"If people want their memorabilia to endure they need to use professional quality, acid free materials," summarises David, "Until now that has been very difficult for the family history enthusiast to find. The Memories and Nostalgia Collection makes archive grade quality available to everyone and means that precious memories can be preserved for future generations."

For further information contact
David Waterman, Director, Memories and Nostalgia, Tel. 0207 7902394
E-mail: Web:

A full Family History and Keepsake collection box contains:

  • Outer box, 450x325x90mm - fits A3-size papers. For newspapers, a scrapbook or a photo album.
  • Flip-top box, 315x220x85mm - A4-size box perfect for family letters, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables.

  • Medium box, 290x205x85mm - for mementoes, keepsakes, cards, tickets from that special trip, home-shot DVDs and so on.
  • Tall box, 165x125x127mm - the right size for standard photographs, a pair of baby shoes, tapes and other easily-mislaid items.

  • Little boxes, (2) 60x50x23mm - to prevent small items getting lost and forgotten.

  • Quiz box containing: talk and tell family quiz cards, do you know? Family quiz cards and quiz cards rule sheet .

  • Archive tissue paper .

  • Document folder containing: family record and medical history sheets, notes & memos sheets, diary sheets and timeline life review sheets .
    Four-generation family tree and family milestone sheet .

  • Photo mounts .

  • Box name cards .

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