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Wednesday 6th September 2006

Specialist skill makes time stand still

For over a century, I. Waterman (Box Makers) Limited have made boxes and specialist storage products of exceptional quality. Today, many of the world’s leading museums and archives trust the Waterman name, in the knowledge that the company’s acid-free storage products meet the highest international standards.

It should come as no surprise that the Waterman family are firm believers in the value of keeping records of all that’s important. On the simplest and most personal level, for most people this starts with family treasures, mementoes and all kinds of items of sentimental value.

Most of us put our most treasured keepsakes and photos in everything from albums to boxes to carrier bags in the attic. Stored in this way, everything from paper to fabric will degrade over time. Waterman’s know this. And so, the idea of the Memories and Nostalgia Collection was born.

Forget ‘keepsake boxes’ and other ephemera. The Memories and Nostalgia Collection is the real thing…a series of professional standard products that enable and encourage families to record and store their memories of life’s most important occasions, their precious ‘bits and pieces’ and their thoughts and hopes for the future in conditions that will keep these items as well preserved as museum pieces….

When today’s technology is obsolete and lovingly-filmed home movies can no longer be viewed, the Memories and Nostalgia Collection will ensure that love letters, photographs, ‘the single red rose he gave me on the night he proposed’, a lock of hair, baby’s first teddy, a school report, everything and anything that ‘means’ something can be re-visited – and will be as fresh as the day that particular item was committed to storage.

To date, the Memories and Nostalgia Collection includes a Family History Box, a Wedding Box and, the very latest addition to the family, a Baby Box. All are archive-standard and made from acid-free materials. Most importantly, they’re affordable enough to appeal to every family.

Inside every outer box is a selection of smaller boxes, all designed to hold a wide range of items of varying sizes. In addition, there are charts, record and memento sheets, document folders, archive tissue paper, photo frames and other inspired contents which will stimulate families and individuals, helping to suggest ways in which they can record and catalogue the happiest events of their lives.

Most importantly, with prices from only £29.99, these boxes are eminently affordable today…and as years go by, their ‘value’ as a family record and source of nostalgic pleasure will be incalculable.
We have a limited number of Boxes available for competition prizes or give-aways.

For further information about this, or anything else in this press release, please contact David Waterman on 020 7790 2394.

* The Memories & Nostalgia Collection meets international standards: ISO 9706: 1994 (Paper for Documents – Requirements for Permanence); ISO 14523: 1999 (Photographic Activity Test for enclosure materials); Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry T509 and T529 (surface pH measurement of paper).

Made in the UK. All materials sourced from European sustainable forests.



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