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What to look for When Buying a Wedding Dress Box

  • Ensure the box is of a sturdy and durable construction.
  • Is the material used tested to meet recognised international standards for permanence and does it meet these standards?
  • Do professional conservators use this product and is it being be used for Museum conservation?
  • Compare box sizes. Ensure there is an expandable/telescopic lid if you are not sure about the sizing of your dress. Hinged lid boxes are fixed sizes.
  • Check what is included in the set how much acid free tissue paper is included? Is there an archival keepsake box for shoes or anything you like? Is there an archival certificate envelope for your certificate?
  • Is there guidance on how to store you wedding dress correctly?
  • Are there any other useful extras like memory sheets for your wedding day, decorative ribbon and label tags?
  • If buying on line or off the page, do quoted prices include VAT and delivery?
  • Also worth noting is that the material is sourced from renewable, managed and certificated forests?
  • Finally, you maybe planning an overseas wedding. Though your wedding dress box will be made from durable materials, the rigors of shipping can cause damage. Retain the strong packing box that your wedding dress box was delivered in for reuse when transporting the dress.

Not everything can be measured in monetary terms.

Is the cost of a wedding dress box the same as price? No, the cost is how much you pay. The price you pay is the condition of your garment and your memories in years to come.

A wedding dress is a treasured possession, not just because of its original purchase value. Importantly, it is the valued memories that are associated with it that count most. In carefully preserving and storing your wedding dress those memories are kept and can be brought back to life for family generations to come. That is priceless!

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